Tree Work


Established trees provide a natural, majestic beauty to any landscape. But sometimes nature has other plans. We offer removal services for trees that have fallen or need to be purged from the landscape, including stump grinding services to eliminate unsightly stumps. Stump grinding can include installation of new soil to create a level landscape area and prevent the stump pieces from rotting away and creating a hole as it disintegrates.

Private Landscape can selectively prune tree limbs that have overgrown, need to be pruned away from your roofline, or those that are dead. Removing dead tree limbs allows more nutrients to nourish the remaining live limbs - which in turn produces a healthier tree. Raising the canopy of the trees by limb removal is also an effective way to protect your roof and gutters and allow more sunlight into heavily shaded areas. Contact us for additional details on how we can help. Also see our Turf, Trees & Shrubs page for information on new tree installation or transplantation.