Retention / Detention Ponds


Retention Ponds and Detention Ponds often require maintenance to keep them aesthetically appealing and functional. Private Landscape, Inc. can perform a cleanup of your pond area to address weeds, overgrowth, and other accumulated detritus. We can routinely maintain for algae control and clearing influent and effluent pipelines and catch basins of debris. Further, we can address the upkeep of any fountains, pumps or filtration systems used to oxygenate the water. If your pond has ceased to function properly, we offer dredging services to remove the built up soil, sediment and debris within the pond area.

The Difference Between a Retention Pond and a Detention Pond

The main difference between a detention and a retention basin is whether or not it has a permanent pool of water – like a traditional “pond.” The water level is established by the low flow orifice. Most of the time the orifice is part of a metal or concrete structure called a riser. A detention, or dry, basin has an orifice level with the bottom of the basin so that all of the water eventually drains out and it remains dry between storms – hence, a dry basin. Retention basins have a riser with an orifice at a higher point so that it retains a permanent pool of water.

Retention and detention ponds provide a necessary function for many communities and office parks. Let Private Landscape ease your stress by managing your pond system.