Lawn Maintenance


Your garden is constantly evolving with the seasons and consistent maintenance is essential for a lush, healthy landscape. We are delighted to maintain your outdoor space, allowing you to simply enjoy its benefits. Ask us for a consultation or free estimate today.

Commercial and Residential

Private Landscape is pleased to serve both Commercial and Residential clients. We maintain several Homeowner and Condominium Association properties, proactively meeting their evolving needs. We take proper care of entrances and common areas, as well as entire subdivisions. We can customize our services to complement an extensive range of environments. Private Landscape has significant experience working with Association Board Members, and our General Manager worked as a successful Community Association Manager before joining our team. The broad spectrum of knowledge required to successfully manage those communities has provided Ms. Pridemore with a unique and far-reaching skillset – guaranteed to benefit your community.

Regular Lawn Care Programs

Regular Maintenance service is designed by Private Landscape to fit the individual needs of each property. Routine maintenance is pertinent to attractive, healthy plants, trees and shrubs. It is typically performed on a weekly basis and includes mowing, pruning, edging, blowing, trimming and policing of weeds and other unwanted elements. We can also contract for turf treatments and tree/shrub treatments. For our commercial/residential clients, additional services such as irrigation maintenance, trash removal, pine straw and mulch applications can be included, depending on contractual preferences. Ask us for an estimate today.

General Cleanup

This service is tailored specifically to your property needs. General Cleanup can include removal of weeds, overgrowth, fallen debris, unhealthy shrubs/trees/turf, leaves, sticks, etc. from the planting beds and natural beds that surround your home/building. We offer the application of an herbicide to all weeds, cleaning pumps and/or filtration systems for any water features, and irrigation systems repairs or assessments. Let us perform basic services such as mowing, edging, trimming, pruning and blowing. Private Landscape can clear the roof, gutters, and downspouts of all debris, and provide significant shrub pruning and cutting back of perennials and Crape Myrtles, to allow proper room for new Spring growth. Just tell us your needs and we will tailor our service to meet them.

Ground Cover

Private Landscape recommends a consistent ground cover level to give your property a clean and finished appearance. We can deliver and spread pine straw within the pine islands, planting beds, and/or bare dirt areas. Do you prefer the look of mulch? We can provide hardwood blend mulch, Black Velvet mulch, pine bark mulch, Cypress mulch, red- and brown-dyed mulches. Finally, we offer mini pine bark nuggets and large pine bark nuggets to spread within the planting beds and pine islands throughout your property. Important notes to consider: pine straw typically disintegrates and develops a gray cast after about six (6) months of weather exposure. We recommend its application twice annually. Mulch and nuggets routinely have more longevity, often up to a year.

Pressure Washing

We are happy to provide pressure washing services to our clients. Private Landscape can effectively remove dirt, sediment, algae, moss and other debris from houses, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches and other hard surface areas. As an added bonus, we use only organic solutions to preserve the surrounding landscape from harmful toxins or bleach. Many satisfied customers have taken advantage of this convenient, one-stop service.