The natural gift of rain sometimes isn’t enough. To augment Mother Nature, we provide automatic irrigation solutions to keep your garden green.

Seasonal Startup and Winterization

We perform spring start up for irrigation systems, checking for any leaks and confirming all components are in good operating order for the spring and summer seasons. Before the cold weather arrives, we can perform winterization to ensure your irrigation lines are empty of water to prevent the bursting of pipes during freezing temperatures.

New Irrigation System Installation

We can install a new irrigation system to provide water to existing plantings and turf areas. A new Rainbird irrigation controller is typically mounted in the garage, near an electrical socket. The majority of the trenches within the planting beds throughout the property are dug out by hand to help prevent damage to the root systems of the plant material and to accommodate any existing topography (steep slopes/inclines) that might limit the use of machinery. All of the pipelines are buried below the frost line of the ground surface.

Typical components of an irrigation system include the following top-quality products:

  • Rotor Heads
  • Mist Heads
  • Gate valve to control water flow to irrigation system
  • Automated Irrigation Valves
  • Backflow Preventer
  • Interior Controller
  • Rain Gauge/Sensor

We recommend the installation of the Rain Gauge/Sensor in conjunction with the irrigation system to serve as a measurement of natural rainfall. These sensors determine when rain has occurred, and automatically prevent the irrigation system from functioning after significant rain. This helps conserve water, eases use of your irrigation system, and prevents overwatering consequences to your turf areas and plant material. We typically mount the Rain Sensors near the roof/gutter line of the house.

Irrigation from Alternative Water Sources

Private Landscape is experienced in installing irrigation systems that work in conjunction with existing bodies of water or well systems. The irrigation is programmed to draw moisture from this alternative water source, instead of pulling from the city or county water. These irrigation designs usually include the installation of a pump to facilitate the movement of water from the supply to the irrigation system. We install filtration systems to filter the debris from the stream, river or well system that would otherwise clog the pump lines.

Other irrigation services also include:

  • Diagnosis and Repair of Irrigation Components
  • Installation of Drip Systems
  • Drip Lines for Planters, Urns, etc.