Caring for Your Annual Flowers

We install your annual flowers with the greatest of care. Follow these instructions to keep them blooming and beautiful for as long as they're capable:


New annual flowers require significant watering upon planting to ensure proper root establishment. The following watering times should be implemented:
  • Spring Annuals: 15-20 minutes, once a day, for 3-4 weeks
  • Fall Annuals: 15-20 minutes, once a day, for 2 weeks


It is recommended that fertilizer be properly applied to create the healthiest environment for your new annuals. Check often to ensure local wildlife is not consuming your new plants. Netting can be purchased and placed over the flowers to discourage such activity.


All seasonal flower material is warrantied for a period of one (1) month, assuming the material is properly watered and fed as outlined above. Exceptions apply – see Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER:  Private Landscape, Inc. is not responsible for unavoidable Natural occurrences (severe winters, droughts, insect infestations, storms, heavy rains that cause erosion, viruses) or actions of wildlife that result in loss of plant, seed, tree or turf material.  Damage due to accidents (children, pets, etc.) or vandalism are also not covered under warranty.  Warranty is voided on any plant, turf or tree material that is moved or transplanted.  All warranties are only valid if invoices have been paid according to the specified terms and the provided care and watering instructions have been accurately followed.