What To Do After Aerating & Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding can revitalize and thicken your lawn for the growing seasons ahead. Following aeration and overseeding, here's what you can do to make sure your lawn gets the maximum benefit:


All aerated and overseeded areas must be thoroughly watered to help encourage new Fescue seed germination. Water for 15-20 minutes in all overseeded areas every day for two (2) weeks. Then, if germination is visible, reduce watering to 10-15 minutes every other day for another two (2) weeks.


Minimize foot traffic in the aerated and overseeded area for approximately one (1) month to allow the seed to properly germinate and the roots to establish. Refrain from mowing this area also for at least one (1) month. It is recommended that regular turf treatments of insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers be applied to provide the best environment for the healthiest turf. Keep watch to ensure local wildlife (geese and other avian species) are not consuming the new seed.


The Aeration & Overseeding is warrantied for a period of one (1) month, assuming the area and new seed is properly watered and fed as outlined above. Exceptions apply – see Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER:  Private Landscape, Inc. is not responsible for unavoidable Natural occurrences (severe winters, droughts, insect infestations, storms, heavy rains that cause erosion, viruses) or actions of wildlife that result in loss of plant, seed, tree or turf material.  Damage due to accidents (children, pets, etc.) or vandalism are also not covered under warranty.  Warranty is voided on any plant, turf or tree material that is moved or transplanted.  All warranties are only valid if invoices have been paid according to the specified terms and the provided care and watering instructions have been accurately followed.