Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Design by Private Landscape, Marietta, GAPrivate Landscape is adept at designing and installing a variety of landscape options.  For a more detailed approach, we can even render professional landscape drawings/plans to capture all elements of the design before installation begins.  Let us build a contrasting or coordinated garden for you.  Whether you need a small lawn change or an entire property makeover, Private Landscape is prepared to grow your dreams.

New Plant InstallationThe addition of new plants designed to flourish in your particular yard breathes new vitality into your surroundings.  Just the right trees, shrubs, and ground cover make all the difference.  We can also transplant existing plant material to a more suitable area within your property. Private Landscape’s philosophy is simple:  take the time and make the effort up-front to do it right.  We install all plants, shrubs and trees into holes twice the size of the root balls to allow plenty of room for appropriate growth.  Then organic soil and fertilizers are amended into the soil for optimal plant nutrition.  Lastly, the plants are watered in and ground cover is placed around them to properly insulate from both hot and cold temperatures as well as help retain moisture at the root systems.  Private Landscape is happy to meet with you to discuss your landscape vision, create a workable plan together, and enhance the beauty of your property.

Annuals:   Do you want a beautiful burst of color to enjoy throughout the season?  Private Landscape recommends the installation of Annual flowers for both the Spring and Fall seasons each year.  We can tailor your annual plantings to shaded areas or full sunlight.  Whatever your needs, these plants provide a fresh, colorful palette for your property and brighten the dreariest day.  Contact us for recommendations today.

Sod:  The installation of sod is a wonderful landscape component that instantly improves the aesthetic appeal of your yard.  We install high-quality sod including Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia (Emerald, Meyers, Zenith) and Fescue.  The right kind of sod is determined by a variety of factors including the amount of sunlight able to reach it and the look you’d like to achieve.  Let us assess your property and recommend appropriate sod for your particular environment.

Athletic Field Construction:  Private Landscape has successfully constructed athletic fields for Elementary schools and Churches.  We can build, add on, modify and maintain the athletic fields.  Proper grading, drainage, irrigation, and plant material are crucial to an attractive and functional field.  Contact us for further details on how we can transform your fields to works of beauty and function.