The natural beauty of stone enhances any landscape.  Our stone masons take enormous pride in crafting every piece they lay into place.  Private Landscape can meticulously construct patios, staircases, mailboxes, pool coping, stepping stone pathways, driveways, terraces, decorative borders/edging, and sidewalks from a variety of masonry materials to bring elements of style into your property.

Retaining Walls:  Private Landscape offers advanced knowledge and skill in installing and/or repairing retaining walls.  Retaining walls can be chosen for aesthetic landscape appeal, to support various structures, or as a necessity in preventing landscape erosion or collapse.  We have a Senior Geotechnical Engineer on staff who understands the technical requirements to retaining wall effectiveness including appropriate foundation work, prevention of hydrostatic pressures, installation of geogrid materials and the best qualifying wall components to meet your needs.   A few examples of wall material available are:

  • Modular Block
  • Brick
  • Stack Stone
  • Veneer Stone
  • Pressure-Treated Timber
  • Boulder

Whether your retaining wall requirements are crucial or decorative, Private Landscape is qualified to meet your needs.